Turning Your Art/Designs Into T Shirts

Making T Shirts probably won’t make you a whole ton of money, but it can be a good way to make a little extra cash, as well as allow you to develop your brand.

If you already have an artist fan page on Facebook, a Twitter profile and a Blog, you have the right platform to sell your shirts. So, what else do you need? Here are 3 things to get you started!

You need a business plan that outlines key elements of your business. Decide what type of T-shirts you want to create and how you will differentiate yourself from other T-shirt businesses. Some businesses specialize in custom orders where customers choose the design for their shirt. Others offer lower prices or artistic, original designs that you can’t find elsewhere. You could also specialize in high-fashion T-shirts or those with humorous phrases. Also identify your target market. Finally, consider the supplies you will need, how expensive starting your business will be and what you will charge for T-shirts. Give your company an original name that will attract your target market.

You won’t need much equipment to get started in the T-shirt business. You can find cheap T-shirts at online wholesalers if you’re willing to buy in bulk. According to the Fortune Small Business article titled “Startup Skills for a T-Shirt Company,” you will need to decide whether you want to heat-press or screen print your t-shirts. While screen-printed T-shirts have higher-quality graphics and require experience to make, heat-pressed shirts are cheaper and can be made on your own without experience. Depending on how intricate your design is, you may want to outsource screen printing, but try to make a deal with vendors who will charge less for printing large numbers of T-shirts. Otherwise, invest in an easy to use heat press.

Marketing Materials. Advertise your services in local newspapers and other publications, in print and online. Place ads in publications your target market is likely to read. In your ad, mention the services you provide and use graphics to exude an image of your company that will appeal to your target market. Create a website and post images and prices of your T-shirts. Create fan pages for your company on social networking sites and include a link to your website. Visit local department stores and other independent clothing stores to see if they are willing to sell your designs in their store in exchange for a portion of the profit.


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