Should Artists Embrace Social Media? Leave Your Comments

Yes, artists should embrace social media.

We believe that artists should embrace social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The aspects of social media provide artists with new and innovative ways to express themselves, and by embracing social media more people in the world can also see their works and the artists can even collaborate together via social media.

Interesting quote from Jerry Saltz, world famous art critic: German sculptor Joseph Beuys famously said, “Everyone is an artist.” I wondered if all of our interconnectivity and social networking also made everyone a critic.

What do you think about how social media is changing the way artists work, connect with others in the art world and, ultimately, sell their work?

Lets discuss!


3 responses to “Should Artists Embrace Social Media? Leave Your Comments

  1. Part of what I love about being an independent artist in this day and age is the fact that technology allows me to connect so easily with people who enjoy my art. There are so many communities out there. And those fans I’ve found for my work seem thrilled to know that I can respond to their questions and comments relatively quickly. I feel closer to those people. It’s encouraging.

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