Tips for Selling Your Art on Facebook

The first thing to understand is, it’s most important to develop a reputation with your collectors/fanbase before you can really start selling your art. It’s important to engage with your collectors and build relationships.

Post a photo of work you are developing (Progress pictures).

– Post an artwork from your past, childhood, present. Show where you’ve come from, what you’re working on (series) or an artwork you want to offer.

– Ask a question: ask them questions about themselves, ask about your work, ask about current topics. Use topics that relate to your work or your personal audience. Everyone is different.

– Start a topic: talk about your process, what you’re working on, what you did today, etc.

People respond most to things that are visual or involve THEM. People love to talk about themselves, and they’ll be interested in sharing their own stories, thoughts, interests! Get them going!

Create contests: photo contests, commenting contests, liking contests. You want to create things that inspire them to share or participate in. With the new Timeline, other people are going to see their friends’ likes, shares and comments. Offer an incentive: Winner gets print of the month (or choice), someone gets discount in your shop, one of 10 commenters will get a free print, etc.

Create sales goals and develop a system that will help you reach those goals.

– Determine what you are willing to sell your artwork for. Will you offer prints? Will you offer just small artwork or everything you create? I never allow an original artwork to sell for less than $200, but this is all dependent on your fan base, how many follow you on Facebook, what you offer, how long you’ve been an artist and who your audience is.

– Do you want to offer your art directly on Facebook or promote your other sites where the art is available?

Finally, INVEST in yourself! Do a few Facebook ads, promoting your page. You can choose targeted audiences so that the people who LIKE your page will actually want to buy your work!




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