Tip of The Day

We are not giving out only marketing tips here, so we thought we would begin sharing more general tips for artists in their professional careers.

Here is today’s TIP!

Don’t underestimate the importance of joining and being active in artist communities online.

Depending on what scale you intend to sell your art pieces, you may want to get an account on one of the following websites: Deviant Art – a smaller scale though very popular art site (http://www.deviantart.com/), the commission-free global artists’ community Artbreak, or the larger scale Art Brokerage (http://www.artbrokerage.com/). There are also many other possible sites, such as Etsy (heavier on the crafts but still arty), eBay (auction site), an Amazon store (an online store platform), CafĂ©press (for printing your artwork onto stuff like mugs), Craigslist (general classifieds), and quite a lot of other artwork based sales sites (do a general search).

  • Read the terms and conditions of every site very carefully. Know what commission or percentage the site takes, know what protections (or lack of them) that the site offers, know what clientele generally peruse the site, know the general sales brought in by the site, know everything you can that is relevant to your sales.
  • If your goal is to turn your art into an investment property, then selling online is likely to be a much longer path to this end. This is largely because it is generally more difficult for unknown artists to secure higher priced sales with serious collectors online than it is through a traditional gallery where such concrete decisions can be made safely. It is best to see selling art online as an adjunct to your usual methods of selling art, not your only means.



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