Professional Artist Interview with Janet Glatz

How did you become a professional, working artist? Was it always your dream job?

I’ve always been a creative type, but it was later in life that I began painting in earnest. It took about two years before my work began to sell, and that spurred me on. Hiring an art business coach was instrumental in making me a true professional.

How do you get clients to buy your work?

I used to do outdoor fairs and festivals, where it is relatively easy to sell one’s work as you have a captive audience. However, the cost of these shows has become so high that one must sell a lot of work just to break even over a year. Now I do co-op galleries and indoor shows, sell prints online, and market my art ceaselessly on many social networks.

What is your preferred social media outlet and why?

I prefer Twitter.  It allows me to connect with thousands of people who can be targeted by interest, occupation, or simply randomly.  I can post my work and offer deals.  I can see a variety of new work by other artists quickly.

What sites do you use to sell your art?

I’ve tried quite a few of them, but find that the competition is so stiff as to make sales almost impossible.  To sell something, it must stand out and be noticed. How do you stand out in a field of tens of thousands???

What is the number one tip you can give artists who are just starting out or wish to make a career out of their artwork?

Paint a lot. Every day. Stretch yourself and paint some more.

Where can we find your work?

I have two websites: and


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