Consistency + Conversation = Success (and Lady Gaga lessons)

A good point to remember (the title!)

Think about it, why does anyone follow Lady Gaga – the person with most Twitter followers? I would say its 80% her personality.

You don’t need to don a meat dress, but DO think outside the box and make a point to tweet and post about intelligent topics of interest in your niche. Example: Jester Jacques’ blog posted about a controversial book which highlighted Damien Hirst as a fake and appropriator, and they saw unmatched hits over the following 2 weeks!

Also, don’t be afraid to be engaging when seeking freelance work or other artist opportunities. You never know WHO will respond!

To sum it up, be engaging – respond to what other people are taking about in your field, offer advice, give your opinion and speak out on intelligent newsworthy items.

The second part of the equation is Consistency! Use your social media outlets every day – even if only one or two tweets or posts on weekends. People don’t like flaky people and they like to see what you are up to!

Stick to the formula and remember, you need patience with social media – you don’t just get 1000 followers overnight! Unless you’re Lady Gaga.

Thanks for reading!


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