Things You Don’t Need To Sell Your Art

You don’t need business gadgets.  When you’re trying to get off the ground, you don’t need the self-inflicted resistance that comes with all the business gadgets. Focus on creating your art and finding people who like it. That’s all that matters right now. Besides, the less you need to run your art business, the less you have to sell to keep running your art business.

Here’s something really important that we should get out of the way. Education comes in so many different forms, and even though a classroom is a valid one, a degree is completely unnecessary if you want to start your own business and sell your art. There are very few people outside of the corporate world who care if you have a degree and, dare I say, those people are a waste of your time and energy anyway. Here’s what you need instead: A burning desire to learn and change. No one who buys your art cares if you have a degree, but they do care that you have an education and an opinion about what you create and sell.

If there’s one thing that aspiring artists continually destroy their businesses with, it’s their own self doubt. This is a topic for a whole other discussion, but the thing to take away is that you do not need to create the world’s greatest masterpieces in order to make it as a professional artist. There’s a market for every type of art and you don’t have to be the very best in the world to sell yours. You just have to be the best in your customer’s world. That means being the best thing available to them in their own sphere of influence.

People like art that looks good, but they buy it because it makes them feel good, so arguably, the most important thing you DO need is confidence and persistence. It won’t happen overnight, but hard work and dedication to your practice will pay off in time!



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