Art Marketing Tip of the Day

Artists should use Instagram!

Here is why:

These apps literally offer thousands of variations of filters and effects for each individual image. Now, when you feel artistically uninspired, you can find an interesting photo on my phone or computer, and play with the many different filters until you find one that moves me. As a painter, these apps can help you to discover new techniques, and effects to use in oil paintings.

You can  use Instagram as a helpful testing tool. Monitor the popularity of my uploaded photos of possible painting subject matter and composition and easily examine the popularity and statistics!




2 responses to “Art Marketing Tip of the Day

  1. Firstly I would like to say that my comment isn’t meant in a way to detract your idea I am just curious on your thoughts.

    do you think this could detract from the artists visual intent?
    If you are using a photo with any chosen filter would that mean there is only a finite number of things you could discover?

    • I understand your comment and I respect that line of thought. Maybe you are right, but as an artist myself (painter), I do like the idea of using various tools (even Instagram and filters) to play around with imagery. It is another way to experiment and see what looks good.

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