3 Useful Social Media Definitions

Social Media is the use of web-based technology and accessible publishing techniques to turn communication into interactive dialogues. These dialogues or interactions are often combined to create value and outcomes that would otherwise have never been possible or practical from individual uncoordinated contributions.

Social Networks are made up of individuals (or organizations) connected to each other based on one or many factors that tie or connect them together, such as friendships, family relations, work experiences, common interests, sexual relationships, financial exchanges or beliefs. Early online social networks attempted to recreate these social structures online to strengthen existing connections and create new avenues for communication and discovery of common connections.

The Social Graph, a term originally introduced by Facebook in 2007, refers to a global map of people and their relationships to one another within an online social network. While social networks exist both offline and online, a social graph is a digital representation or model of our relationships and defined explicitly by all the connections involved between people. Since it’s introduction, the term social graph has expanded to include not just a map of relationships between people, but between people and all types of information about their lives and the interactions they share online.


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