Attraction Phase Marketing

We spend a lot of time in the art marketing world focusing on relationships. Relationships sell – just ask any business. It doesn’t matter whether the business sells clothes-pegs or 747 aircraft – the fact is that a great number of sales deals close on a golf course or a yacht or in a bar or a restaurant over great food and some good humor and conversation.

People love to find excuses to interact with people – no question.

But the question arises – how do you find the people to build relationships and play golf with? How do you do that when you are a beginner in a new market or industry – just as some of you may be today?

The answer is called “Attraction Phase” art marketing. A regular business would call it something much less glamorous – finding sales leads.

Attraction Phase art marketing is all about finding potential sales leads for your art. We like to dress it up a bit and call them “collectors” and “art-buyers” but they are leads that may one day grow into buyers and collectors. How we build a relationship with them is another phase of the art marketing cycle – right now we just want them to find us!

In online marketing terms, we are mainly trying to “attract” potential customers to our artist website or portfolio. If the website is great and your work is amazing and your story shines through there’s the potential to build relationships and make sales. But only if people can find it.

We suggest you read this post for more info:

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