Hopeless Artist Emails NEVER to Send

“Here’s my latest art.” 
“Please look at my art.” 
“I’d like to show you my art.” 
“I’m looking for a gallery to sell my art.” 
“I would like to show my art in your gallery.” 
“Here are examples of my art for your consideration.” 
“Can you give me feedback about my art?” 
“I want someone to promote my art.” 
“Visit my website and see my art.” 
“I’m looking for an art dealer.” 
“To Whom it May Concern.” 
“Dear Art Director…” 
“See my art for sale.” 
“I need an agent.” 
“My art.”

A Tip when emailing Galleries, Agents and other Art Businesses/Professionals:

Tell whomever you’re emailing why you’re emailing them. And make it good. Talk about them– not you. Explain why you think your art is relevant to whatever it is that they do. If you’re contacting a gallery, for example, mention the names of several artists they represent or show, and discuss your work in terms of theirs. Compare your education or resume or experience to theirs. Talk about why you think your art is a good fit for their gallery– in terms of the gallery, not you. Give the impression that you’re actually familiar with the gallery, their website, their profile, that you possess some degree of fluency about who they are and what they do, and one more thing– that you care. And NEVER give the impression that if they don’t respond, then you’ll just go ahead and send the same exact email to the next name on your list. You see, you’re asking someone you don’t know to do you a favor– a big favor– like to take time out of his or her busy life to focus totally on you. And if you’re going to do that, then there has to be something in it for them. Even if you’re only asking for a critique of your art, at least talk about why you respect this person’s opinion and value their feedback. To repeat– it’s not all about you


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