Art Marketing Tip of the Day #10

If you are a painter or sculptor, we recommend making fine art prints of your work to sell.

Certainly, if you are a serious/conceptual artist, you won’t want to sell these on Society 6, as it is more for illustrators (being printed on cushions, etc), but you can always put up your work on Saatchi Online.

The reason for this is that the originals are often too expensive for some of the people it appeals to and, by creating prints, it allows your fans to get to own a version of the piece at an affordable price.

I know one Royal Academy artist who has the most stunning paintings, but often finds them hard to sell because they are expensive. I have suggested he makes a limited edition of giclee prints of the paintings – I think they would translate beautifully into this medium too!

Just a brief tip, but worth considering.

Also, if you are an illustrator, it can be worth making your designs into t shirts too.


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