Art Marketing Tip of the Day #9

Keep your artwork online at all times, even if you are not actively selling it right now.


The most basic benefit to maintaining a collection of artwork online is that it allows you to catalog and track your pieces, as well as organize them according to subject or medium.

Also, if you plan to submit your artwork to juried shows or professional organizations, having pre-made digital files of your artwork ready to go makes the application process much easier!

Thirdly, working regularly with photos of your work permits you to see the images flattened in a small format, allowing you to assess the composition and details of your work in a way that might be difficult if viewing it on the easel.

Having a frequently updated portfolio provides you with a way to analyze your work for consistent themes and techniques, making it easier to readily describe your work to others. Your online portfolio can also be used as a visual road map, allowing you to see what styles and themes you’d like to explore further as you build your art career.



One response to “Art Marketing Tip of the Day #9

  1. Interesting thought, though I’d be careful about putting ALL my work online – I tend to keep some work back for clients to discover at a show, or on a studio visit …

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