Jester Jacques Gallery, London

Art is one of the best gifts you can give for any occasion, but certainly for Christmas!

First of all, you are supporting a talented creative who relies on sales to keep going with their studio practice. That is a wonderful thought! We believe art makes the world go round!

Secondly, you are giving something which cannot be found anywhere else, even something hand made in the UK. What is worse than a generic present, made in China, seen on every high street? Giving an artwork, especially made in your country, shows creativity and nationalism. Great!

Thirdly, choosing the art takes time and that will be reflected to the person you are giving the gift to. You have clearly taken the time to think about their likes and dislikes, as well as even going as far as to consider where they might hang the said piece.

Best of all, you don’t have to have a massive budget to buy art. There are always prints – still of value – to be bought which, nicely framed, can look stunning in any room.

We recommend delving into Jester Jacques Fine Art Collection for those with more money to spend (£200-£3000)

and purchasing works from our Contemporary Print collection, sold via

Thanks for reading! Happy shopping!

Email for any questions, help and pricing!

Any customers in London, JJ offers an install service for any pieces bought from the Fine Art Collection.

Adora spawnflora06_hires


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