How to Make Sure Your Website Grabs the Attention (of Galleries)

  1. You might only have a few seconds to make an impression! Art dealers are business people who need to sell to survive and prosper. While they may love art, their primary focus is the business of art. Make sure your home page is clean, concise and professional looking. Which lead us to…
  2. A simple, minimalist, and elegant style.
  3. Complete focus on the art itself with neutral complimentary website background colors.
  4. Beautifully lit and photographed images. This is probably the single most important visual factor in an artist website.
  5. Don’t overpower the look of the art with a site that looks too busy.
  6. No “Designer-ish” effects like flash movies. In the time it takes to play your exotic flash-based entry page, the gallery will have already moved on to look at the next artist website.
  7. Clear Navigation – Don’t let visitors get lost in your website because when they get lost they will LEAVE! Clear, consistent navigation on every page is vital.
  8. Include everything you would have in a hard-copy portfolio – bios, artist statements, resumes, etc.
  9. Consistency in style and quality is extremely important to art business people. There are two ways you can help this: (i) Only put your very best work on the artist website – you have to be 125% proud of it.
  10. The about the artist section needs to be designed to engage and interest – too often it’s thrown in as an afterthought. This is very important because buyers and galleries are interested in (1) your art and (2) You the artist and (3) You the business person. Your “about” section is a subtle sales pitch so do it well and if you don’t like to write consider hiring a professional.
  11. It should be very easy to contact you. A very clearly-labeled contact page should include an email address or contact form AND a phone number. I am amazed at how many artist websites I visit that don’t list a phone number on the contact page. Big Mistake!
  12. Be aware of the potential positive or negative reaction you might experience from selling reproductions of your work online if your target sales channel strategy is galleries. Some galleries will be impressed that you are obviously business-savvy enough to be able to sell your work in this way. Others might consider it a threat to any potential sales relationship they might have with you. Just be aware of who you are dealing with and how they might see this.

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