Artists: Do You Check Site Stats? You Should!

A lot of artists we know use Word Press to create free websites/blogs for themselves. If you do, that is great, as you can go into Dashboard, click Site Stats and monitor traffic to your site. If you use another host, you can always set up Google Analytics – quite simple to do – and use that to track traffic to your website.

So, why should you bother? Because monitoring which posts are most popular – even which pages, which products you have up for sale – can really be of use to you! The wider your audience the better and what easier way to give the people what they want than by simply looking at what is getting most clicks!

You should also use it to see what days of the week get the most hits – if you see Mondays are perpetually slow, you needn’t take time out of your studio work to post and work on your site a lot, as there aren’t many people looking anyways. Try to be interesting and active on days with most hits. Yet another reason to use site stats is to see where people are finding you – maybe someone wrote about you or mentioned you in a blog; perfect way to find out, as you can see Referrers in the stats. The referrers section can also be used to see which of your social media works best for you – are most people coming from Twitter or Facebook?

If you don’t have Word Press, Google Analytics is an in depth tool for seeing who is visiting your website. You can even see demographics, countries, what device they used, etc etc! SO useful! Use it in the same way as site stats – see what your strong points are.  Are people only lingering on your site for 30 seconds? Do you get return visitors?

This is a topic we will come back to in more detail for sure, but just to tell you – DO use the site stats! It can help you manage your time more efficiently, as you can see where to target most/where your customers/audience is coming from and allows you to track busy and quiet days.


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