Art Marketing Tip of the Day #7

First of all, a big THANK YOU everyone! It is now 1 week since we launched our blog and we have racked in 840+ hits and 20+ followers! We will keep bringing you more useful advice in the forms of brief posts and longer articles.

Our Tip of the Day is: did you know that placing an advertisement in a local paper or magazine can be a cost-effective way to reach art buyers? Many small print publications offer affordable advertising rates, especially if you choose to advertise in the classified section.

A few suggestions:

Your ad should not be about your art, it should be about how your art is going to improve the lives of the people who buy it.

Your headline should grab the readers’ attention in a way that speaks to that life-changing benefit.

Print ads should do two things: market a specific audience and speak directly to that audience. Think of 2 things; first you need to know who the target market is that will be seeing the ad, then you need to put items in the ad that will directly speak to THAT target market.

Target local newspapers and magazines which do promote events, exhibitions and are circulated to your community.


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