Should You Hire Help in Promoting Your Art?

Hiring help can certainly be expensive and artists are notoriously known for being “starving.” However, if this is your decided career path and you have invested time and money into creating your work, your studies, travelling to exhibitions/events, your social media, etc. then we believe that you should put your money where it can REALLY work for you – in promotion.

Now, artists can certainly promote themselves on their own – Facebook, Twitter and emails are all free, as are some websites and sites which can sell your art. But if that is taking up too much of your time or simply not generating sales, hiring help can bring you 2 things which you might  not have access to – connections and experience. 

An Art PR Service can provide: a personalized look at what you have set up so far and improvements which can boost your image; a direct contact to their connections, whether by shooting them emails/newsletters about you and your practice or by bringing them to your studio/exhibition and much more.

There is a reason why companies have entire departments dedicated just to social media and branding. It can be a full time job to secure success! Perhaps your artwork is of the standard to be represented by/shown in commercial galleries, but you don’t know how to approach them? There are many reasons why you should hire help.

PR can be expensive, but think of an exhibition – how much will you spend on venue, catering, putting in a few paid ads, installation (maybe painting the walls)? And how much TIME on promoting it? If you invest in help, you can make back that money by selling one or two artworks!

Finally, it is always a risk taking someone on to do your PR work. There are no guarantees in success. However, if you can afford to put some money back into your art and your career, we suggest you bring in a consultant or agent to guide you, even if only short term.

Of course we say this as we offer this service ourselves! We strive to always offer the most affordable prices out there (we are cheaper than Be Smart About Art). Check out our Services page for prices and even if you don’t use us, we hope that you find some outside assistance at some point in your career!

Kindest and best of luck!



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