Art Marketing Tip of the Day #5

Make sure that you attend 2-3 events a week in order to build real life, personal connections in the art world.

It is all fine and dandy sitting in your studio and doing your work and working on creating an online following too. However, no matter how successful your online sales are, you will never reach ‘the next level’ in your visual art career without meeting people!

Every Sunday, take the time to see what exhibitions, workshops, any art related events are happening in your local area this week. Write 2-3 into your schedule and see friends, family, run errands around those events! Meeting other artists can help, as you can share advice on sites to use, materials to buy cheaply, etc and meeting potential clients is also in the cards.

Bring your business card and I would recommend a small catalog/self printed book showing your best artworks. The worst thing is when someone genuinely shows interest in you and your work and all you can offer is a business card; chances are they won’t remember why they should look you up when they get home later! If you show them some images and then present a way to contact you, your chances are a million times better!

Don’t be shy and don’t worry – the more events you attend, the more confident you will become and, if you stay in your area, you will see the same people over again. Best of luck!


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