Tips for Writing a Good Artist Bio

A vital part of your website, resume and everywhere else you are online, an artist bio is seemingly simple. But once you sit down to write it, it can be overwhelming. Here are some DO’s and DON’TS when writing or editing yours!

Don’t confuse your resume with your bio. Resumes are in depth profiles about your education, your exhibition list, achievements, etc. Your bio is a brief story about who you are as an artist, and what your current art means to you.

Do adjust it depending on where it will be posted/published/sent out to –  the artist’s bio you share on your art blog should not be the same bio you share with gallery patrons. You need to tailor your artist’s bio towards the audience receiving it. An artist’s bio for your art blog, for instance, can be up to 500 words and offer a lot more detail than say, an artist’s bio for a magazine publication. . . which usually limits you to 3 sentences and a website address.

Do include your personality in the bio and target your wording to emphasis the genre/topics/significance to get your point across succinctly and clearly. If, by nature, you are more laid back, then let it show in your wording. If, you tend to use humor in your art, and on your art blog, then use humor in your artist’s bio.

Don’t keep reusing the same one. You must edit it as your work changes, your concepts evolve. Always try and keep it up to date and fresh, a true reflection of your art.






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