Tips to Sell Your Art Online!

Selling Art Online is not as easy as it sounds. Just getting your work found is a tricky business, let alone knowing pricing and which sites are best to use. We will continue to do posts gathering our tips for online sales, so this is just an initial, brief one, giving you some tips to get you started.

Let’s get the obvious tip out of the way first. Use a good camera! Taking the time to make sure your photographs come out as best as they can is a winning piece of advice. Look at what other artists have done and copy the styles of photos which you like/admire the most.

Second, choose work which is cohesive and represents who you are as an artist right now! We all have stacks of paintings, drawings and other artworks which we may feel attached to or feel is strong work. However, be selective when putting up products; people will respond better to pieces which go together, as they will feel they can get a sense of who the artist is.

Offer a free sticker or post card. Use or another inexpensive website to create give aways for every purchase. It is a good way for people to remember you and may even act as a good incentive to buy your work. Choose an image which is bold, catchy and keep-worthy.

Use your newsletter mailing lists and all your contacts, friends, family to spread the word about your shop. A little touch which could be nice is to pick a color or patterned background which suits your work and use it religiously everywhere, in every email and online theme. It will show consistency and people will recognize you/associate you with that color/pattern. Use social media too!

Start a Pinterest board. Once you have taken beautiful shots of your artwork products, start pinning! The site is intended for images only and once you get some followers, it can be another resourceful tool to get more interest in your work!

We have lots and lots more tips and will get more in depth as we continue with our posts.

Hope this little bit helped though! Good luck and leave us comments!


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