Twitter Tips for Artists!

Twitter can be a bit confusing and, in my opinion, irritating. But as a former art business owner, I have to admit that most of the press connections and customers I secured came through conversing with people on Twitter. Here are a few of my tips for artists when using the site!

First of all, always always always put your watermark on every image/artwork you upload. It is so easy for people to take your images, share them without mentioning you and so hard for you to track them! You can even include a link to your website on the bottom right hand corner of every image you post.

Second, artists should remember that Twitter helps represent their brand as an artist. They should ask themselves what they want to present to the world and keep their tweets in line with that message while always being authentic and honest.

While it is good to show your personality, make sure to steer clear of political and other alienating topics. After all, you don’t want to exclude any potential press and clients! Keep your personal life personal and your business one professional. On the same note, avoid sounding like the next snarky Simon Cowell by keeping criticisms in the constructive realm. Offer something you like along with something you may have done differently.

The one thing an artist should NEVER do on Twitter is respond to a bad review. The worst thing you can do as an artist is be defensive. It makes you seem insecure and as though you can’t handle criticism. If you get a bad review, just ignore it. Accept the fact that not everyone is going to be a fan of your work and move on.

Finally, just as in real life, THINK before you SPEAK!

Happy Tweeting everyone! As usual, if you want to leave comments, opinions and advice, please do!




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